The necessity of onboard heating and cooling systems in an ambulance

Private ambulance services in South Africa are not only expected to offer quality clinical care to patients, they are expected to offer such care in an environment that is clean, comfortable, well-maintained, and presentable. An aspect of this equation that is often overlooked is the ability to provide both heating and cooling in the passenger

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Paying commission for patient recommendations

Paying another person, either directly or indirectly, in order to recommend patients to your healthcare practice or ambulance service, is in direct contradiction with the Guidelines for Good Practice in the Healthcare Professions. Booklet 5, ‘Guidelines on Over Servicing, Perverse Incentives and Related Matters’, is clear regarding the expectations of conduct for healthcare professionals in

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Overservicing patients

The Health Professions Council of South Africa’s guidelines on overservicing, perverse incentives, and related matters, or Booklet 5, states: “Health care practitioners shall not provide a service or perform or direct certain procedures to be performed on a patient that are neither indicated nor scientific or have been shown to be ineffective, harmful or inappropriate

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Keep yourself and your ambulance service off the stretcher

Adequate insurance cover is a backbone for the ambulance industry. Without it, the smallest mishaps can completely cripple some very promising operations. With that in mind, SAPAESA and our broker partners are excited to be able to offer a comprehensive business insurance package, specifically tailored to the ambulance industry while still being affordable. The types

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Effective internal training

The need for an effective internal training program with an ongoing staff evaluation process cannot be emphasised enough. As healthcare practices that are regularly servicing a medical aid and private patient market, it is essential that all staff members, from paramedics to call centre staff and administration staff take careful note of the fact that

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Brand versus brand

Running into a burning building to pull unconscious people out is arguably a daunting idea for trained and equipped firefighters, never mind for regular medics. But apparently that terrifying challenge is no match for medics whose service is run by people with a surname that is the Afrikaans word for fire, as we were shown

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Ambulance infection control: Understanding And applying it

Firstly, let’s clarify what the difference is between cleaning, sterilisation and disinfection. Cleaning involves merely removing soil from a surface. This usually includes the use of water and detergents. Sterilisation involves destroying all microbial life on a surface, and usually occurs separately after cleaning. The use of chemicals, pressurised steam, dry heat, and hydrogen peroxide

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