Keep yourself and your ambulance service off the stretcher

Adequate insurance cover is a backbone for the ambulance industry. Without it, the smallest mishaps can completely cripple some very promising operations. With that in mind, SAPAESA and our broker partners are excited to be able to offer a comprehensive business insurance package, specifically tailored to the ambulance industry while still being affordable.

The types of insurance that will make the world of difference to an ambulance service are:

a) Asset Insurance
Asset insurance ensures that medical equipment, premises and office equipment are all sufficiently covered in the event of theft, fire or breakage.

b) Emergency Vehicles Insurance
Very few insurers are even offering vehicle insurance to the emergency medical services industry. Please also check the fine print of your insurance contracts. While some of the larger insurers will offer you coverage for your emergency vehicles, they also include a specific clause that excludes cover for emergency vehicles while they are being used to respond to an emergency situation. This is the time when your vehicles are most at risk and may leave you open to substantial loss if one of your vehicles is written off and the claim is subsequently rejected by the insurer.

c) Medical Malpractice Insurance
As emergency care providers, each EMS staff member should carry their own medical malpractice insurance. If you make an error in your patient treatment which leaves somebody dead or disabled there is a very strong possibility that the family of the patient will take civil legal action against you. One such action can lead to financial ruin.

d) Professional Indemnity Insurance
This covers the ambulance service in the event of civil legal action. For example, if a patient accidentally falls off a stretcher, or staff member performs an incorrect procedure, it is highly likely that the family of the patient will take action against the ambulance service as well as the practitioner involved, wrecking the business in the process.

e) Key Man Insurance
If a key partner in the business were to pass away unexpectedly, the business would be covered with sufficient financial resources to settle his or her share of the business with the relevant estate.

f) Business Identity Theft
Identity theft is not just something that happens to individuals. If a criminal gains access to certain identity information about the company, visual branding accessories such as vehicle stickers, or schedules for things such as deliveries and pickups, they can easily commit fraud under the business name. Insurance in this regard can cover legal action regarding loss of reputation for the business, as well as investigation into the fraud.

Avoid risk and ensure that you have peace of mind and comprehensive cover at an affordable rate. Our brokerage can help you in this regard by offering you comprehensive cover at a very attractive premium.

Please contact if you need further information on these products.

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