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Medi Response

When your life depends on it

Medi-Response is an innovative first-response medical company, offering dynamic and comprehensive out-of-hospital healthcare services.

Our main objectives are to provide top-quality, well-trained medical staff who strive daily to minimise suffering, save lives, and achieve patient and client satisfaction. We offer a wide range of professional customised solutions for any prehospital medical needs you may encounter.

Emergency Ambulance Response

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Medi-Response provides first-rate medical services, that are delivered by experienced and friendly staff who put people first. Our dynamic team consists of a full range of qualified medical personnel, from ambulance attendants and paramedics to nurses and medical doctors.

Interfacility Transfers

Medi-Response is perfectly positioned to assist with integrated patient movements and patient transfers, whether it be from hospital to home or between facilities. We are able to help with transfers not only nationally, but also across country borders. Our levels of care range right across the full spectrum of needs, ranging from Basic Life Support level to Advanced Life Support level.

First Aid Training

Medi-Response delivers professional first aid training that is properly accredited. We give a choice between off-site and on-site training programmes, that cover through First Aid levels One, Two, and Three, to a variety of both private and corporate clients.




Medi-Response is an Advanced Life Support ambulance service based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We are accredited with the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF), and offer comprehensive out-of-hospital healthcare solutions – including events medical support and site-based medical services.


Medi-Response was founded by Hadley Shapiro in 2009 when he realised that existing emergency services were under severe strain due to an increased number of tourists and spectators coming to South Africa, as well as an ongoing emergency service strike in the public sector.


Medi Response prides itself in a team of passionate, resourceful, suitably experienced, and highly qualified staff, ranging from Basic Life Support (BLS) level to Advanced Life Support (ALS) level, to ensure optimum round-the-clock care for clients and members of the public. All staff are HPCSA registered and vetted by Medi-Response to ensure premium levels of care.


As a company, Medi-Response values performance, passion, integrity, diversity, and innovation. We strive to be genuine in our commitments and dedicated to exceptional customer care and client-specific healthcare solutions.


Medi-Response’s vision is to be widely recognised as a reputable industry leader within the out-of-hospital healthcare solutions field, that is always striving to put people first.

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