Dynamic Emergency Medical Services

About Dynamic Emergency Medical Services

Dynamic Emergency Medical Services hereafter referred to as OEMS is the one largest Private Ambulance Service in the Eastern Cape. The service was established in 2000 and its headquarters in East London, operates a fleet of numerous ambulances and rapid response vehicles maned by Advanced life support.


The service is owner managed by Adrian Trollip who can be contacted through the regional call centre on 043 726 2225 or on cell 083 635 3678.

OEMS is a provider of emergency medical and associated services to patients and clients in emergency and non - emergency situations. OEMS is managed through a dedicated regional call centre which caters for all medical assistance situations from inter hospital/facility transfers to medical emergencies.

The sphere of operations of OEMS, is primarily centred in the Eastern Cape but also caters for operation in other areas through outlying bases or partnerships as and when required. OEMS has an extremely high infrastructural capability to ensure that client's needs are always met, which includes:

¥ Owner driven business partners with a vested interest in maintaining the highest service levels whilst operation under a common umbrella of norms and standards.
¥ A dedicated 24 hour regional call centre.
¥ Vehicles strategically situated throughout the operational area to give maximum coverage with fast response times.
¥ The most modern fleet of vehicles equipped to the highest levels.
¥ Over 30 dedicated staff.

OEMS headquarters are located in the bustling Vincent business hub in East London with its main base and call centre located at Western Avenue near the busy N2 interchange.

OEMS works with all medical aid groups and the company holds major contracts with various local, regional and national clients.

OEMS offers accredited training in the First Aid, HIV Aids Awareness, Home Based Care and Ambulance fields and has a dedicated and fully equipped training college with full time staff and instructors.