Are you hosting an event?  Looking for a peace of mind solution with regards to event medical support?

Large or small, our accredited SAPAESA members are ideally positioned to provide event medical services to you and your visitors.

SAPAESA members have years of experience providing medical support services to a wide range of events, including:

Sporting events:  Whether it be school rugby, a motocross event, a national cricket tournament or an international triathlon, no event is too small or too large for our members to handle.

Avoid the potential liability associated with using a provider who does not have the full resources required to provide comprehensive medical coverage of your event, contact SAPAESA, or one of our members today for further information regarding coverage of your event!<a name=”eventservices”></a>


Are you looking for a reliable network of quality emergency medical service providers to care for your clients or members on a national basis?

SAPAESA’s extensive history in the regulation of the emergency medical services industry as well our ongoing involvement with the development of accreditation standards for the private ambulance industry puts us in the unique position to be able to manage and audit a network of quality  emergency medical services providers across all nine South African provinces.

Our unique approach to the development of a diverse network of independent service providers ensure cost saving to the funder through increased economies of scale.

We are committed to ensuring that only the very best service providers are utilised to care for your clients at a price that will pleasantly surprise you!

Allow us to assess your needs and tailor a solution that meets with your exacting requirements.


To a new comer in the private ambulance services market, the submission of claims to medial aid schemes and funders can be a maze of confusion and frustration.

Factors such as tariff codes and ICD 10 codes can be very intimidating to the first time ambulance service operator, as well as operators who have been in the industry for many years.

With the added pressure placed on ambulance service owners and managers by the day to day operations of the service as well as the clinical monitoring and performance of staff members, a number of ambulance services choose to outsource the invoicing, submission and recovery of funds owing from funders, to specialists in this administration field.

SAPAESA has partnered with claim administration providers who focus specifically on invoicing and recovery of funds for private ambulance services, in order to assist providers to operate their businesses as efficiently as possible and to keep their cash flow periods to a minimum.

If you are in need of assistance with the submission of your medical aid claims, SAPAESA will be happy to refer you to a company that will be perfectly positioned to assist you with your requirements.

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SAPAESA offers a reliable, consistent service to assist both members and non-members to submit their supplier claims to the Road Accident Fund and to ensure that our clients receive payment on these claims as quickly as possible.

SAPAESA strives to develop a relationship of trust between our clients and the Road Accident Fund.

This approach to relationship management between the RAF and our clients has allowed us to tailor an RAF claim system that is recognised by the Road Accident Fund of South Africa, and that serves dozens of ambulance services across the country.

Our commission structures are highly competitive to empower the ambulance service to grow their service while reinvesting funds in the development of the clinical performance of the provider.

Allow us to assist you to submit your claims on your behalf and to achieve payment directly from the RAF to the ambulance service efficiently and affordably!


Owing to the positive relationship that we enjoy with a large number of emergency medical services providers across South Africa, SAPAESA is perfectly positioned to manage the relationship between funders and emergency medical services providers across South Africa.

An important factor of this relationship dynamic is to maintain a balance between provider and funder.  SAPAESA strives to ensure that providers do not over service funders, and that funders in turn remunerate providers promptly for claims that are valid and fall within scheme regulations as well as the framework of the Medical Schemes Act.

In addition to our Network Management service, SAPAESA is available to provide a full spectrum of administration solutions for funders within the emergency medical services sector of the private healthcare industry in South Africa.

Our services include:

  1. Verification of client membership
  2. Assessment of the validity of the claim
  3. Assessment for over servicing of patients
  4. Assessment of the claim within scheme regulations
  5. Assessment of the claim within the framework of the Medical Schemes Act
  6. Assessment that patient treatment and transportation is provided within a realistic framework
  7. Assessment of the use of the closest, most appropriate medical facility as well as facilities within the designated service provider network of the funder
  8. Assessment that treatment is provided within protocols of the Health Professions Council of South Africa
  9. Monitoring claims to ensure that providers are only servicing patients in genuine need of emergency medical services.

SAPAESA administration services are available through a variety of costing models, including the following:

  1. Access
  2. SAPAESA Tailored Access
  3. Capitation Arrangements


SAPAESA has engaged with a specialised insurance brokerage in order to put together a comprehensive and affordable insurance policy that will cover all aspects of your ambulance operation.

By growing the subscriber base of these insurance policies, we are able to achieve economies of scale and offer one of the most cost effective EMS insurance policies on the South African market.

Your portfolio will combine a number of specialised policies which include the following:

  1. Response vehicle insurance
  2. Ambulance insurance
  3. Asset insurance covering buildings and equipment
  4. Professional Indemnity Insurance
  5. Medical Malpractice Insurance

Vehicle and asset insurance is often seen as one of the greatest priorities for an ambulance operation.  How many of you have considered the risk of not having comprehensive indemnity or malpractice insurance?

This exciting partnership offers you the ideal solution to a total insurance solution at a price that would be difficult to match!  Is it not time that you revaluate you company’s insurance coverage?

For Furtjer information and quotations, contact Mr Clint Harker at clinth@firstequity.co.za


Are you battling to recover claims from the Compensation Fund (COIDA) where you have provided ambulance treatment and transportation to those injured in a workplace incident?

Do you understand how to negotiate the intricacies of the new Umehluko claim system?

SAPAESA is pleased to announce that a strategic partnership between the association as well as a specialised legal firm, focusing on workman’s compensation claims has resulted in a solution that is both effective and cost effective.

The days of being locked into a pre-funded Compensation Fund agreement that binds you to the contract for much longer than you had anticipated are finally over!

This fantastic new Compensation Fund claim system will provide the following services at a fraction of the cost of traditional, pre-funded claim systems, while offering substantially less contractual obligation to the ambulance service client:

  • Submit the claim on Umehluko on behalf of the ambulance service
  • Ensure that the first medical report is lodged on Umehluko on behalf of the ambulance service
  • Ensure that the employer’s report of an accident is lodged on Umehluko on behalf of the ambulance service
  • Monitor the process of your claim within the Umehluko system
  • Taking legal action against the Compensation Fund as soon as the claim is not paid by the Compensation Fund within the legislated period

This unique system is already in use by a number of SAPAESA members and is showing very successful results.

One way or the other, this process will ensure that you that you can continue to service the Injury on Duty market, safe in the knowledge that your claims will be successfully recovered from the Compensation Fund.


If you were injured and were unable to speak for yourself, would paramedics or doctors know how to identify you?

If your wallet or cellular telephone was stolen after a car accident or during a mugging, would anybody be able to contact your family or establish if you were covered by a medical aid?

If you were unconscious in a hospital, would nurses and doctors be able to establish your medical history and allergies?

An identity system supported by a 24 hour call centre, with the ability to dispatch appropriate emergency services to your location, access life-saving information and inform your family of your situation is a necessity in South Africa today!

SAPAESA is an authorised sales agent of both the CrisisOnCall as well as the iLiveSafe identity systems, and can assist you to ensure that you have the peace of mind that comes with being covered by either one of these unique, emergency identification systems.

Contact us today at support@crisisincall.co.za for further product information as well as the application process.

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