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Richmond Private Ambulance Service


Richmond Private Ambulance Service (RPAS) provides a quality EMS offering to the general public, throughout KwaZulu-Natal (predominantly in the Midlands region), and with a vitally fast typical response time of less than five minutes. Our ALS-equipped service is accredited by the BHF, dealing with most medical aids.

Air Facilities

We don’t operate our own air fleet, but we do have the means to utilise such services when callout criteria demand it, by keeping direct channels constantly open with various EMS air services.

Interfacility Transfers

RPAS is suitably equipped to manage interfacility transfers as the need arises


Richmond Private Ambulance Service (RPAS) provides emergency medical services to those in need. We operate across the range of BLS ,ILS, and ALS intervention in the prehospital environment , ensuring positive outcomes for our patients.


RPAS is managed by Mr Shonny Gobrie, an ALS paramedic with over 25 years in the EMS industry, having worked with local and provincial services, and in various remote African countries as a flight medic, camp medic, ship medic, offshore medic, and general medic on many different projects.


We’re staffed by two full-time ALS medics who are available 24/7 and work with shift ILS /BLS medics who are well-trained . A doctor with vast trauma experience backs up RPAS’ EMS operations.


The provision of quality EMS – with integrity, professionalism, caring, and efficient teamwork to all persons in need – is what drives us.


We strive to give the best medical care possible in the prehospital environment, developing strong and respectful relationships with our patients and the community at large, ultimately enabling the best outcomes for our patients. We want to progress as a company, eventually delivering our quality EMS to a far greater community in the future.

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