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Reaction Unit South Africa was established 10 years ago by Prem and Vinod Balram and has now become a household name for thousands of people.The company has remained consistent in their fight against crime based on a simple promise that ?Justice Is For Everybody?.Established in an effort to fight crime both Prem Balram and brother Vinod remain passionate about the services they provide and strive to guarantee customer satisfaction.From humble beginnings to a company now with 520 members,  Reaction Unit South Africa has become one of the most sought after security services provider in the industryMuch of the companies success is due to the Balram Brothers unique management style, dedication and unity.In the past years Reaction Unit South Africa has accomplished what few security services providers have.Although Reaction Unit South Africa has an impressive list of accomplishments it did come at a price with several officers being shot dead in the line of duty and also some being attacked and killed in their homes, with some even having their homes burnt down,However our members are convinced that ?Every stumbling block is a stepping stone to success.?

Kwazulu Natal