About Med-Evac CC

Med-Evac CC

We operate 24 hours a day in the Southern KwaZulu-Natal area with three fully equipped ICU ambulances as well as two rapid response unit vehicles — one for advanced life support level response and the other for our medical doctor. Our fleet includes two motor boats for medical evacuations and dive operations that are also equipped to do high angle (rope) rescue as well as swift water rescue. We are also fully accredited by Motorsport South Africa and can help with any kind of event or medical standby needs.

Emergency Ambulance Response

(+21)82 940 1590

Inter-Facility Transfers

We are able to treat any age of patient at any level of complexity from a simple return home to the most challenging long distance ICU transfer

First Aid Training

We are capable of supplying Level 1, 2, and 3 first aid training, as well as basic fire fighting training through our sister training company.




Med-Evac is a fully independent ambulance and rescue service. We are registered and accredited with the Board of Healthcare Funders, the Compensation Commissioner, and the Road Accident Fund. We can confidently say we are the most advanced and well-equipped ambulance service within our operational areas.


Med-Evac is a partnership between a B.Tech Paramedic Glen Preston and Dr Frederick DeBeed, both of whom have been longtime residents in the Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal area and are passionate about the region.


Med-Evac has grown from humble beginnings with four staff members and one ambulance to a team of 20, including basic ambulance assistants, ambulance emergency assistants, emergency care technicians, advanced life support paramedics, emergency care practitioners (currently the highest operational EMS qualification), and our medical doctor.


We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of medical care in an honest ethical manner.


We strive to provide a highly skilled and compassionate emergency service to the community in times of need, and strive to set the standards of emergency care in our areas of operations, combining the latest in research-based medical practice with the latest technologies to achieve our vision and goals.

Kwazulu Natal

  • Main Road, Margate
  • 2 Elliot Street, Kokstad