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Hi Tech Medical Service

Immediate Medical is a private ambulance service based in the Helderberg region of the Western Cape, offering primary ambulance and paramedical care and transportation as well as short and long distance transfers. Immediate Medical also offers medical cover for events, medical supplies, and first aid training.

Emergency Ambulance Response

(+27)13 752 4470

Inter-Facility Transfers

Inter-Facility cases can be taken to or from the Helderberg Region and to or from other locations in South Africa. We can also provide cross-border transportation if required.

Event Medical Services

First Aid Training

We offer first aid levels 1, 2, and 3, as well as refresher courses, CPR courses, and emergency management courses. In addition to this we provide BLS for Health Care Professionals and other AHA courses through our training partner.


Hi Tech Medical Service is a client-oriented emergency medical service that is linked to Hi Tech Security Nelspruit, operating in Mpumalanga.


Hi Tech Medical Service is directed by Jacques Ainslie and Johnny Kerswill . The service was started by Jacques, with funding and support from Johnny.


The service has three Intermediate Life Support Officers and five Basic Life Support Officers who operate two ILS ambulances on a 24/7 basis. The manager has 11 years of  service experience as an OECP (Ops Medic) in the Defence Force with specialties in Aviation, Special Forces, and Maritime Medicine.


Service: Commitment and dedication to those we serve.Quality Improvement and Assurance: Continuous improvement in the services, information, courtesy, and responsiveness provided to our patients. Stewardship: Efficient, safe, and responsible use of all resources, including equipment, supplies, personnel, and finances. Innovation: Working together, using structured problem solving to produce better ideas and accomplish more. Respect: Treating our patients and peers as we would like to be treated. Integrity: An ethical and honest approach to all we do.


Our vision is to protect the lives and property of the clients we serve, in a manner consistent with the highest ideals in our industry, and to take advantage of scientific advancements which will help us succeed in that mission.


  • (+27)13 752 4470
  • 17 Hendrick Potgeiter Street, Nelspruit