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Advanced Paramedic Assist

Advanced Paramedic Assist is a 24 hour emergency medical service operating out of Pretoria and in surrounding areas. We specialise in emergency response, transfers, events and education. Our events division is capable of covering anything from the smallest event to large ones requiring a full water wing division and off-road vehicles along with on-site medical facilities.

Emergency Ambulance Response

(+21)860 112 911

APA is a registered Advanced Life Support ambulance service, and is an approved service provider to every medical scheme in South Africa.

Inter-Facility Transfers

Our service fleet and staff are able to transport a wide range of patients from those with basic needs to those needing advanced transport such as neonatal patients and adult ICU patients. We specialise in comfortable long distance transfers at any level of health for repatriation of our patients.

Event Medical Services

A further specialized medical events division that consists of a water wing and outdoor medical facilities. We will provide medical staff and equipment to any type of event to ensure the safety of competitors and bystanders. This service helps to ensure the logistic success of your event, while maintaining a professional level of medical care to all involved.

First Aid Training

Our training division offers training ranging from full Ambulance Emergency Assistant courses all the way down to entry-level courses such as First Aid Level 1. In order to keep qualified practitioners current, we offer various CPD courses. Due to our international accreditation, we are also able to offer a variety of courses aimed at specific needs, such as goal-oriented courses for operational personnel.



Advanced Paramedic Assist Ambulance Service is a registered Advance Life Support service with a 24-hour control center that ensures professional call taking with sound medical advice, thus ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient. Satellite pin-pointing in our control center makes sure that the required services are sent right to your door.


Advanced Paramedic Assist is a Privately owned Company whose owners have been in the industry since 1996.


Our staff’s qualifications currently consist of N-Dip EMC right down to Basic Ambulance Assistant, and they participate in both the training and operational environments of the business. Between them they have many specialised qualifications that are utilised in both training and out in the field. Our combined ALS experience adds up to 59 years.


Our mission is to use highly qualified personnel with state of the art equipment to start treatment and continue with it until hospital treatment is can commence. Using on-scene communications with the receiving facility, our patient treatment stays well within the ‘golden hour’.


Our vision is to render affordable, fast, and efficient emergency care and training to the local community and maintain our leadership in the industry.


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