How to fill out your SAPAESA member profile

So, after reading our previous feature, “Why you should be using the SAPAESA website’s members area”, you decided to make the most of what the facility offers your business? Firstly, good call! Secondly, here are the simple steps you need to take to make your very own SAPAESA magic happen.




Step 1:

On the homepage of the SAPAESA website, click on MEMBERS>MEMBER LOGIN. This will take you to your profile preview page. You can change your profile’s cover photo by clicking on the cover photo space, and do the same with your profile photo. With that out of the way, you can move on to Step 2 in order to give us the information we need to create a membership feature for you on the website.


Step 2:


Underneath and to the right of your business banner, there’s a little grey cogwheel icon. Click on it to access your profile options, and once there, select ‘EDIT PROFILE’. Following this step will allow you to change or enter new details or change existing ones about your business.


Step 3:

fill out


When filling in your business details, pay careful attention to what is required in each section. If you’re uncertain as to what the section requires, hover your mouse cursor over the little question mark icon to the right of the section name. For example, under “Company Overview: Basic Description”, the question mark icon will tell you that what’s needed there is “What does your service generally provide?”


Step 4:


Keep track of how well you’re doing in terms of the information you’ve provided and your overall activity on the website by checking out the little green progress bar, status, and website points underneath your business banner. You can also click on ‘Badges’ and hover your cursor over any badges you may have earned for performance on the website to see what each one means.


There you have it! Just remember that apart from your regular use of the website’s members area for exclusive industry information, it’s also a good idea to pop in and edit your own details whenever a change happens in your business. Changes could include minor details such as contact numbers, or major business enhancements such as a new air ambulance facility or specialised training course you’ll be offering.

For a reminder of why you should be using the members area of the website, follow this link to the prior article, “The SAPAESA website members area”

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